Mrs Punkin Chunkin Pageant Entry Fee - $50

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Punkin Chunkin 2010

We are working to finalize details for the 2010 Punkin Chunkin Pageant.

We are hoping to increase the number of age divisions for younger children. We are also hoping to hold two separate one hour pageants: one for young girls and one for older girls. Please note that we will limit the number of contestants that may participate in each pageant to 20 contestants.

We will be definitely adding a Mrs Division this year. This division has rules set by the Mrs. Delaware US Pageant (not us). The Mrs Division will be open to contestants who have never competed in a Mrs pageant previously. The winner will advance to the Mrs. Delaware US Pageant!!!

Second Annual Punkin Chunkin Pageant

Thank yous:
1) To the contestants and parents - for participating and having fun! We loved meeting you and hope that you will return next year.

2) To my FABULOUS Mrs. Delaware US sisterhood - Krista, Angie, and Catherine - your help today was incredible. The pageant would not have happened without you!!! I am proud to be one of your sisters and stand with you all!!!

3) To Susan and Ellie - my dear friends - thank you for your kindness!
Ellie - I hope that I continued the tradition of producing a "FUN" event that supports the Chunk!

4) To Pam and Nicole - thank you both for assisting as judges! God certainly sends Angels at just the right time. I am grateful to both of you!

5) To Frank Shade and the Punkin Chunkin Committee - thank you for allowing us to hold a pageant and for your support. Frank - you are simply the best!!!

6) To Crysta and Hailey - you were terrific titleholders! Thank you for returning and enjoying the day with us!

IF YOU HAVE PHOTOS, please email them to me. I would love to post them!!!!

The winners are:

Little Miss: Sophia Moore

Junior Miss: Megan Weber

Teen Miss: Rachel Davis

Miss: Lindsey Hauswald

These women made an INCREDIBLE pumpkin soup! I was in heaven while eating it!