Mrs Punkin Chunkin Pageant Entry Fee - $50

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Second Annual Punkin Chunkin Pageant

Thank yous:
1) To the contestants and parents - for participating and having fun! We loved meeting you and hope that you will return next year.

2) To my FABULOUS Mrs. Delaware US sisterhood - Krista, Angie, and Catherine - your help today was incredible. The pageant would not have happened without you!!! I am proud to be one of your sisters and stand with you all!!!

3) To Susan and Ellie - my dear friends - thank you for your kindness!
Ellie - I hope that I continued the tradition of producing a "FUN" event that supports the Chunk!

4) To Pam and Nicole - thank you both for assisting as judges! God certainly sends Angels at just the right time. I am grateful to both of you!

5) To Frank Shade and the Punkin Chunkin Committee - thank you for allowing us to hold a pageant and for your support. Frank - you are simply the best!!!

6) To Crysta and Hailey - you were terrific titleholders! Thank you for returning and enjoying the day with us!

IF YOU HAVE PHOTOS, please email them to me. I would love to post them!!!!

The winners are:

Little Miss: Sophia Moore

Junior Miss: Megan Weber

Teen Miss: Rachel Davis

Miss: Lindsey Hauswald

These women made an INCREDIBLE pumpkin soup! I was in heaven while eating it!

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