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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Emails Emails Everywhere

Most contestants have heard from me probably at least once over the past several days.  In spite of my goal to stay on top of emails, I know that there is one email lurking out there that asked about the speech and I do not believe that I responded.  Of course, when I have five minutes to respond, I can't find the email.

So, here is the answer:
From the rules:
"a. Speech: Each contestant may use up to 30 seconds to tell the audience their name, age, school, something about themselves, and their favorite part of Punkin Chunkin.

b. Speech: Mrs. Contestants should additionally state why they want to represent Punkin Chunkin at Mrs. Delaware United States 2011."

An example of an appropriate speech for a child would be:

Hi, my name is Sally Smith and I am 10 years old.  I attend Westchester Elementary School in Dover, DE.  I have two dogs named Rover and Bob.  They are both shelties.  My favorite part of Punkin Chunkin is actually two things - the rides and the funnel cake.

Please do not feel that your child needs to speak for 30 seconds.  Plenty of little girls who won did so with a 10-15 second speech.

I hope that this helps everyone before this Saturday!!!

See you at the CHUNK!!!

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