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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Results are in!!!

Thank you to all the judges and volunteers!  You helped to make our day a success and we could not have done it without you!!!

Now the results:
Tiny Miss Winner: Courtney Fike
1st Runner Up: Delaney Gennusa

Little Miss Winner: Jenna Marie Anger
1st Runner Up: Brook Armstrong
2nd Runner Up: Madison Hicks
3rd Runner Up: Amanda Marie Spence
4th Runner Up: Julia Godwin
Finalists: Alix Hightman and Sophia Acosta

Junior Miss Winner: Madelynne Harrison
1st Runner Up: Alexis Taylor Garloff

2nd Runner Up: Page Weinstein
3rd Runner Up: Ana Hightman
Finalists: Gabrielle Abraham and Caitlin Sekcienski

Teen Winner: Megan Young
1st Runner Ups - TIE: Caitlin Bowen and Ashley Thomas
Finalists: Heather Stott and Brielle Hohne

Miss Winner: Caitlin Conville
1st Runner Up: Nicole Prettyman

2nd Runner Up: Lauren Goslee
Finalists: Tiffany Sterling, Gina Binns, Emily Hayes

Ms Winner: Allyson Savin
1st Runner Up: Jamie Bird

2nd Runner Up: Jessie Combs
Finalists: Janet Baran and Kori Newman

Mrs. Winner: Angie Bell
1st Runner Up: Michelle
2nd Runner Up: Valerie

Please remember to scroll down and click on the pdf file for Click Click Zoom Photography if you would like to order a photo package.  I will post a few photos later this week.

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