Mrs Punkin Chunkin Pageant Entry Fee - $50

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Almost time!!!

I am putting the prize bags together right now for the upcoming pageant. 
Here is a sample of prizes in the Mrs. bag:

Every contestant will win (at least) the orange contestant sash as well as the little pumpkin tiara.  Runners-up win larger tiaras.  The number of runners-up and the size of the tiara depends on the number of contestants in each age division.  Each sash is secured and ready to wear with a cute little crown tack pin!

So how many of you are excited for the Chunk???

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What a year

The pageant is now completely full!!!  We have 25 registered contestants in both pageants!  This the first year that we completely filled both pageants!!!

Any ideas on how to make our fifth anniversary great?  Email me - I would love to hear your thoughts:

For some fun, check out this year's pageant sashes:

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pageant Attendance

All contestants that are registered in the pageant should have heard a confirmation from me by now.

If you do not think that you will able to attend the pageant for any reason, please let me know.  There are about five parents on the waiting list for the Tiny Miss / Little Miss / Junior Miss Pageants.  I would like to give those children the opportunity if someone is unable to attend.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Teen / Miss / Ms / Mrs Pageants - 2 Spots Remaining

There are now 23 registered contestants in the Teen / Miss / Ms / Mrs Divisions.  Two spots remain and due to the below special rule change, one remaining spot will go to a Mrs. Contestant.  Please email me if you are interested in entering the Mrs. Division at a special rate of $35.

I removed the paypal to ensure that I do not get too many entrants.  If you are interested in entering the Teen / Miss / Ms. / Mrs Divisions, please email me and I will hold the spot for 24 hours (giving you a chance to paypal).

SPECIAL RULE CHANGE NOTICE: The World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association has a rule of at least three machines per category.  I was just recently made aware of this rule.  All divisions, except for the Mrs category, have at least three contestants.  Thus, I am requiring the four remaining spot be held specifically for a Mrs Contestant. 

For next year, there will be a rule requiring three contestants per category for a queen title to be awarded.  Also, if any category has more than 10 contestants, I will do my absolute best to split the category into two divisions to allow for more queens and prizes to be awarded (the ability to split the category depends on the ability for crowns/sashes to arrive before the day of the pageant!).

IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED AN EMAIL FROM ME CONFIRMING YOUR REGISTRATION, then you are not registered.  I have now emailed every single person and confirmed that they are fully registered in the pageant.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mrs Contestants - Call for Entry

Join us for another great pageant year at the Chunk!!!  And for Mrs. Contestants - you could win something incredible:  an opportunity to compete in the Mrs. Delaware US Pageant!!!  That is right, Mrs. contestants will receive, at their election, a fully sponsored entry into the Mrs. Delaware US Pageant. 

Please read additional rules carefully.  Please be aware that we are not associated with the Mrs. Delaware US Pageant; Punkin Chunkin is merely offering to pay the entry fee so that Mrs. Punkin Chunkin can compete at the state pageant.

Wondering what it is like to be Mrs. Delaware US?  Go visit
Or, visit my blog and see what I did during my year as Mrs. Delaware US (  As a former titleholder, I can attest to the incredible opportunity provided by Crowns of Inspiration, Inc. (the company that produces Mrs. Delaware US). 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pageant Advice I gave a parent

I gave one parent this advice over email and thought that it would be nice to share with everyone (and I added to the advice some sample speeches).  I hope that this helps everyone prepare accordingly.

1) Figure out how long it will take you to drive to the Chunk and then add at least 30 minutes in case of traffic (last year, we held the pageant on Saturday and traffic was horrific). We moved the pageant back to Sunday in hopes that traffic won’t be as bad.

2) Figure that you need an additional 45 minutes from the time you get there to park the car, walk to the entrance, pay to enter ($9 per person to enter the Chunk), and walk over the stage.

3) Register once you get to the stage – ie – tell someone that you are there ;-)

4) During the pageant, each contestant will be told when to walk onto the stage. She will first walk to the microphone and say her speech. If she is really young and gets messed up, one of the emcees will help her. We want children to have fun – not get scared. Her speech should not be more than 30 seconds; we don’t time, but we don’t have the time for everyone to do super long speeches. The judges are aware of these rules – and if their watch tells them that someone spoke for well over 30 seconds, that will be factored into the score.

a. Speech: Each contestant may use approximately 30 seconds to tell the audience their name, age, school, something about themselves, and their favorite part of Punkin Chunkin.

b. Sample Speech:
Hi, my name is Sally Smith.  I am 8 years old and attend Seaford Elementary School.  I love to play with my brother and our pets.  We have two black labs, Niki and Hailee, and one cat, Shooter, who doesn't like the dogs very much.  My mommy says that I am also really good at helping her when she volunteers to serve dinner at our church.  I carry water glasses to the tables.  I love to come to Punkin Chunkin because my mom lets me eat a lot of pumpkin sweets at the cooking contest and I get to ride some really cool rides.

Hi, my name is Marci McNair.  I am a Delaware attorney and do volunteer work for Delaware Volunteer Legal Services.  My volunteer work is in Delaware's family court representing victims of domestic violence.  As an attorney, I have great respect for our country and judicial system, and although clearly biased, I believe that we are best in the world!  I have been married for four years and my husband and I adore our two german shepherds, and we are hoping for a two legged child in the near future.  I love coming to Punkin Chunkin because, although I don't cook, I LOVE eating the food at the cooking contest!  Watching the machines chunk pumpkins is also exciting!!!!  Thank you for the opportunity to be here today and participate in this lovely pageant!

5) The beauty walk is immediately after the speech. Walk from one side of the stage to the other side (don’t really care which side you start on or end on). Stop and pose at the left, center, and right (or vice versa) and then exit the stage. Contestants should SMILE!!!!! When stopping, considering throwing a smile to the judges (ie – look at them). If you are really nervous, at each stop, count to three or four to help you slow down and give the judges an opportunity to see you on stage.

a. Beauty Walk – contestants should walk from one side of the stage to the other after she completes her speech. Contestants should stop and pose on the left side, center, and right side of the stage before exiting the stage. Beauty walk should not take more than 30 seconds.

6) Dress: wear something weather appropriate but cute. There should be at least a few photos on the blog. I always buy a black fleece and have a pumpkin rhinestone iron-on to wear (you can see a photo of Ellen and I wearing ours last year – I made one for Dr. Ellie, but her pregnant belly wouldn’t fit into it). I believe that the current Mrs. Delaware US (Angie – our emcee) is buying me an orange scarf – so she and I will be wearing rhinestone bedazzled fleeces with an orange scarf (can you tell – we have fun this!). Essentially, just look cute and don’t blow the bank because it is really not necessary.

10 Spots Remaining in the Afternoon Pageant

If you would like to enter the Teen, Miss, Ms, or Mrs Division, please do so very soon - only ten more contestants in those four divisions will be accepted (the ten contestants are spread across those divisions - so if 8 teens sign up and 2 Mrs sign up, then the pageant will be full).

Mrs Contestants - this is your opportunity to potentially win a FULL SPONSORSHIP to the Mrs. Delaware US Pageant!

Come out to participate in a great day of pageantry at Delaware's most fun weekend event - The Chunk!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Morning Pageant Full

At this time, we have 25 registered contestants for the Tiny Miss, Little Miss, and Junior Miss Pageant.  Sometimes, a spot will open up because someone will be unable to attend.  If that happens, I will post immediately and the spot will go to the first person who emails me and pays the entry fee.

It is a great joy to see this pageant receive such an incredible response.  Dr. Ellie started this pageant especially for young children to have a positive, light-hearted, quick, and fun pageant.  It really warms our hearts to see that so many of you share the joy of a pageant at such a terrific Delaware event!!!

Every registered contestant should have received an email confirming their entry and verifying script information.  If you have completed the online entry form, paid, and did NOT receive a confirmation email from me, please contact me via email immediately.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Age Divisions

A wonderful parent brought to my attention that I had a typo in the age division selection area of the online entry form.  The age divisions are correctly stated at the top of the form and are as follows:

Tiny Miss (5-6)
Little Miss (7-9)
Junior Miss (10-13)

Miss Teen (14-17)
Miss (18-24)
Ms. (21+ single, divorced or widowed)

Mrs (Married, Living in Delaware, 21+)
I reviewed birthdays today to ensure that everyone is properly categorized into the correct age divison.

Photos from 2010 Pageant

Enjoy some photos from last year's pageant!!!  Some are my personal photos and the better photos are from Michelle at ClickClickZoomZoom Photography. 

Remember that we have a professional photographer attending the pageant this year - so you have the opportunity to purchase some fabulous photos!!!  CLICK HERE for the order form.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Contestant Number Update

Here is an updated list of pageant contestants (these contestants completed the online registration and paid their entry fee).

Tiny Miss - 4 Contestants
Little Miss - 10 Contestants - there will be a 3rd and 4th runner up in this category due to the high numbers
Junior Miss - 8 Contestants

There are three remaining spots for this pageant.  Due to time limitations, only 25 contestants can be accepted.

Teen - 2 Contestants
Miss - 3 Contestants
Ms - 3 Contestants
Mrs - 1 Contestants

Time is slipping away!  Join us today for another great pageant year at the Chunk!!!!!