Mrs Punkin Chunkin Pageant Entry Fee - $50

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Remember to watch Punkin Chunkin tonight at 8PM on the Science Channel!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I am posting all photos on facebook in high resolution format!!!  Please use the link to visit us on facebook and see all the photos.

Throughout the year, I will be posting photos from the event on this blog as well ;-)

Thank you again to the volunteers

As you all know, volunteers are what make this pageant possible!

Thank you again to Frank Shade, Dr. Ellie, Ja'Lexis Nunez, Angie Bell (Mrs. Delaware US), Valerie Speare (Mrs. Wilmington), my stand-in mom helpers (JoAnn Francis and April Brilliant), my mom photographer (I am so sorry - I can't remember your name - but you took the most beautiful photos - so please email me so that I can properly thank you!).

Thank you to the judges who drove from New Jersey - Dot, Mary, and Danielle!  You are the best!  I don't have the names of the two other judges (if anyone does - please email me), but thank you to them as well!!!!  Having five judges was a great way to really round out the panel. 

Thank you to visiting royalty who assisted on stage during crowning! 

Thank you to our terrific outgoing queens who assisted:
Jenna Marie Anger - Little Miss 2010
Madelynne Harrison - Junior Miss 2010
Megan Young - Teen 2010
And of course, our Mrs. Punkin Chunkin 2010, who became Mrs. Delaware US 2011 and emceed the pageant!!!
Thank you to JV Dodd Photography for offering such a terrific photo package to each of the cotestants!!

Pageant Results

Below are the results.  I had a few missing sheets from the pageant, so if you find a mistake, please email me.

I wanted to note that these results are reflective of five normal every day people giving their opinion after seeing a contestant for about sixty seconds.  In the grand scheme of life, this really is not reflective at all on anyone.  It is a mixture of shining on stage for those brief seconds and luck.  I don't want to dimish the accomplishment of the winners, but hope that all contestants keep these results in the appropriate perspective.  This pageant was meant to be a day of fun ;-)  If the results were not what you liked, come again next year, on a different day, with different judges, the results could easily be different.

Also, the judges noted that it was a tough pageant.  They really were faced with a touch decision because they liked so many of the contestants.  The ties that we had bolsters their words.

Dr. Ellie and I cannot wait for another fun year at the Chunk!!!  Join our email list and sign up early to claim your spot for next year!!!

Tiny Miss Results:

Contestants: Lainna Hano, Savannah Darrah, Marina Eaker

2nd Runner Up: Elaine Potter

1st Runner Up: Yasmin Cruz

Winner: Madison Long

Little Miss Results:

Contestants: Stephanie Brilliant, Cassidy Williams, Shelby Combs, Olivia Francis, Cate Francis, Caressa Scott

3rd Runner Up: Michaela Jean Spangler

2nd Runner Up: Brynne Whelihan and Kayla Godwin

1st Runner Up: Abigail Porter

Winner: Ave Rae Wilson

Junior Miss Results:

Contestants: Kara Hignutt, Caitlin Sekcienski, Mara Francis

3rd Runner Up: Brooke Armstrong

2nd Runner Up: Julia Godwin

1st Runner Up: Loren Carter

Winner: Sophia Martinez

Teen Results:

Contestants: Kate O’Neil, Hailey Andrews, Rachel Curry

2nd Runner Up: Isabella Sponaugle

1st Runner Up: Selena Barnett

Winner: Destiny Perini

Miss Results:

Contestants: Mary Sintetos, Theresa Sintetos, Ashli Thomas, Jilliam Jensen

2nd Runner Up: Julia Knopf and Nicole Prettyman

1st Runner Up: Karly O’Connell

Winner: Jennifer Arnold

Ms Results:

Runners-up (in no particular order): Jessica Combs, Allison Funds

Winner: Caitlin Conville

Mrs. Results:

Contestants: Stacey Sizemore and Samantha Clark

1st Runner Up: Francesca Vavala

Winner: Shannon Lewis

Monday, November 7, 2011

Congratulations to everyone that participated in the Punkin Chunkin Pageant

Congratulations to all the Punkin Chunkin Contestants!  You all did a great job yesterday.  The one comment I heard from the judges was that it was a tough competition!  They were not kidding!!!!  Those scores were very close.  I will post more in the coming days.

For now, here is a link to my photos.

Please remember to contact JV Dodd Photography if you want some professional photos!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Leaving for the Chunk

I am packing my car and leaving for the Chunk.  If you have any questions, please call me rather than email.  I can answer some emails from my iphone, but if you want to ensure a response, please call.

Rules and Pageant Details are posted.  Most of your questions should be answered here.  Also, my phone number can be found here.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pageant Details

I have been receiving a ton of emails asking about pageant details.  I realized that these details are not readily available (they were on the top of the online entry form - but that wasn't easy for anyone to copy and keep to review - my fault!).  Can you all tell yet that  I truly am a volunteer, not a pageant director ;-)

Tiny Miss (5-6) Little Miss (7-9), Junior Miss (10-13)
Check In/Registration: 10:00AM
Pageant: 10:30AM

Miss Teen (14-17), Miss (18-24), Ms. (21+ single, divorced or widowed), Mrs. (see special rules)
Check In/Registration: 12:15 PM
Pageant: 12:45PM

For Rules, CLICK HERE to see the PDF copy of the rules.

For directions, see the link on the side of this blog.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Watch your email - Teen - Mrs Divisions

Two spots have opened up for the afternoon pageant.  I have five of you on a waiting list so far.  Two have been emailed and given the chance to enter - but they need to pay tonight, otherwise, I am going to offer the opportunity to the next person in line.

If you are offered the chance to enter, please pay as soon as possible.  I ask for quick payment because the next person in line needs an opportunity to enter if you do not.

Email Sent to all Registered Contestants

Dr. Ellie and I are so excited for this year’s pageant!!! We cannot believe that Dr. Ellie’s little idea of bringing pageantry to a festival above the Mason Dixon line would become so popular so quickly! Our goal is for every single contestant to have fun and enjoy Punkin Chunkin in a unique way!

After the pageant, we really encourage you to wear your crown and sash while walking around! I have seen people want to get photos with contestants/runners-up/queens every year because of those crowns/sashes. So please wear them and enjoy!!!!!!

Here are some final details for everyone to remember.


I read that it is a low of 40 and a high of 60. Dress appropriately according to the weather. We want everyone to have fun….and we can’t do that if we are freezing cold.

Morning Pageant

Arrival Time – 10AM

I think I returned almost every “script” email, so the only thing to do when you arrive is to check in. We will ask that the three different divisions wait backstage after check-in because the pageant does move so quickly. For the morning pageant, one chaperone can remain backstage with each contestant if your child feels more comfortable that way. Also, any parent that wishes to help keep the kids in groups is greatly appreciated ;-)

Afternoon Pageant

Arrival Time – 12:15PM

I think I returned almost every “script” email, so the only thing to do when you arrive is to check in. We will ask that the four different divisions wait backstage after check-in because the pageant does move so quickly.

How does this pageant work:

1) You arrive, check-in, and wait for the pageant to start.

2) You will be lined up before the pageant starts by pageant volunteers (Ja’Lexis, Dr. Ellie, Me, and/or some others)

3) When called to the stage, each contestant will go directly to the microphone to do her speech. After her speech, she will do her beauty walk, which consists of walking the length of the stage from one side to the other. It does not matter which side you start or end on. I suggest stopping at each side of the stage and at the center of stage. Beauty walk should be something like this:

a. LEFT SIDE OF STAGE – stop, pause while looking and SMILING at the judges / audience / family / friends; after about 3-5 seconds, slowly walk to

b. CENTER STAGE – stop, pause while looking and SMILING at the judges / audience / family / friends; after about 3-5 seconds, slowly walk to

c. RIGHT SIDE OF STAGE – stop, pause while looking and SMILING at the judges / audience / family / friends; after about 3-5 seconds, slowly exit the stage

(you can reverse the left and right side – seriously – it doesn’t matter)

4) After exiting the stage, please wait with your age division.

5) After everyone competes, any outgoing queens that attend will be interviewed on stage. Also, visiting royalty in the audience will be invited to the stage to quickly introduce themselves (if you have a pageant queen in your family, bring them along and make it an appearance!).

6) After outgoing queens and visiting royalty, awards will start. Each age division will be called to the stage for awards.

7) Please group together on the stage after receiving your awards so that we can get a good photo of each age division on the stage.

8) Please, please, please, please stay after the pageant. I would really, really, really LOVE to get photos of every single age division in their crowns/sashes with Dr. Ellie and I. Dr. Ellie and I spend a lot of our time volunteering to produce this pageant, it means a lot to us to have beautiful photographic memories.

9) Practice Time – due to the shortness of this pageant, there really isn’t time to practice on the stage beforehand. Opening ceremonies for the Chunk begin at 10AM. During those opening ceremonies, we will be checking in contestants and lining every up for competition.

10) Every contestant is judged exactly the same. We have one contestant this year that will require some extra assistance to ensure that she can effectively participate. Please be aware of this if you notice anything different.

For pageant advice, see the blog post:

2011 Punkin Chunkin Pageant Photos

To order professional photos of your favorite contestant at this year's pageant, please order a photo package from our pageant photographer:

Click Here - for the order form

Email Issue

To those of you that received an email today that seemed sort of strange, I must apologize.  I hit the wrong button on my computer and many emails were sent out mistakenly.

I am so sorry for the inconvenience.

For the future, please note that there is an email sign up on the sidebar of this blog.  From now on, I will only email those individuals who are signed up through this list.  This will ensure that I don't fill up the inbox of those that do not wish to receive messages from me ;-)