Mrs Punkin Chunkin Pageant Entry Fee - $50

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pageant Results

Below are the results.  I had a few missing sheets from the pageant, so if you find a mistake, please email me.

I wanted to note that these results are reflective of five normal every day people giving their opinion after seeing a contestant for about sixty seconds.  In the grand scheme of life, this really is not reflective at all on anyone.  It is a mixture of shining on stage for those brief seconds and luck.  I don't want to dimish the accomplishment of the winners, but hope that all contestants keep these results in the appropriate perspective.  This pageant was meant to be a day of fun ;-)  If the results were not what you liked, come again next year, on a different day, with different judges, the results could easily be different.

Also, the judges noted that it was a tough pageant.  They really were faced with a touch decision because they liked so many of the contestants.  The ties that we had bolsters their words.

Dr. Ellie and I cannot wait for another fun year at the Chunk!!!  Join our email list and sign up early to claim your spot for next year!!!

Tiny Miss Results:

Contestants: Lainna Hano, Savannah Darrah, Marina Eaker

2nd Runner Up: Elaine Potter

1st Runner Up: Yasmin Cruz

Winner: Madison Long

Little Miss Results:

Contestants: Stephanie Brilliant, Cassidy Williams, Shelby Combs, Olivia Francis, Cate Francis, Caressa Scott

3rd Runner Up: Michaela Jean Spangler

2nd Runner Up: Brynne Whelihan and Kayla Godwin

1st Runner Up: Abigail Porter

Winner: Ave Rae Wilson

Junior Miss Results:

Contestants: Kara Hignutt, Caitlin Sekcienski, Mara Francis

3rd Runner Up: Brooke Armstrong

2nd Runner Up: Julia Godwin

1st Runner Up: Loren Carter

Winner: Sophia Martinez

Teen Results:

Contestants: Kate O’Neil, Hailey Andrews, Rachel Curry

2nd Runner Up: Isabella Sponaugle

1st Runner Up: Selena Barnett

Winner: Destiny Perini

Miss Results:

Contestants: Mary Sintetos, Theresa Sintetos, Ashli Thomas, Jilliam Jensen

2nd Runner Up: Julia Knopf and Nicole Prettyman

1st Runner Up: Karly O’Connell

Winner: Jennifer Arnold

Ms Results:

Runners-up (in no particular order): Jessica Combs, Allison Funds

Winner: Caitlin Conville

Mrs. Results:

Contestants: Stacey Sizemore and Samantha Clark

1st Runner Up: Francesca Vavala

Winner: Shannon Lewis