Mrs Punkin Chunkin Pageant Entry Fee - $50

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thank you again to the volunteers

As you all know, volunteers are what make this pageant possible!

Thank you again to Frank Shade, Dr. Ellie, Ja'Lexis Nunez, Angie Bell (Mrs. Delaware US), Valerie Speare (Mrs. Wilmington), my stand-in mom helpers (JoAnn Francis and April Brilliant), my mom photographer (I am so sorry - I can't remember your name - but you took the most beautiful photos - so please email me so that I can properly thank you!).

Thank you to the judges who drove from New Jersey - Dot, Mary, and Danielle!  You are the best!  I don't have the names of the two other judges (if anyone does - please email me), but thank you to them as well!!!!  Having five judges was a great way to really round out the panel. 

Thank you to visiting royalty who assisted on stage during crowning! 

Thank you to our terrific outgoing queens who assisted:
Jenna Marie Anger - Little Miss 2010
Madelynne Harrison - Junior Miss 2010
Megan Young - Teen 2010
And of course, our Mrs. Punkin Chunkin 2010, who became Mrs. Delaware US 2011 and emceed the pageant!!!
Thank you to JV Dodd Photography for offering such a terrific photo package to each of the cotestants!!