Mrs Punkin Chunkin Pageant Entry Fee - $50

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pageant Entry Now Open

CLICK HERE to enter online

To review a PDF copy of the entry form, rules, general information, judging criteria, etc.
You can also click on the sidebar where it says "Pageant Rules and Information" for the exact same information.

After completing the online entry form, please use the appropriate paypal link on the side bar to complete your registration.

Some changes for 2012:
1) An age division was added to the morning pageant (wherein ages 5-13 compete).  I attempted to break down the divisions so that children closer in age are competing against one another (and hey, why not have another winner!).

2) The speech time limit for the morning pageant has been cut to 20 seconds so that 5 additional contestants could be accepted into the pageant.

3) There is a slight price increase due to the cost of the prizes increasing (it breaks my heart to increase the cost, but I have no control over supplier costs).  I am buying two year's worth of crowns so that I can maintain the same pageant entry fee for next year.  

4) The afternoon pageant (Teen-Mrs) costs more than the morning pageant to produce, so the Teen-Mrs entry fee is now likewise slightly higher to reflect the differences in running the two different pageants.

5) Mrs. Division will now be treated like any other division.  Mrs. Punkin Chunkin will not receive a free paid entry to the Mrs. Delaware US Pageant (although we still support Mrs. Delaware US, due to costs, we cannot offer such an expensive prize).

5) I am ordering rhinestone pumpkin scepters for the winners for this year!  Every queen should have a scepter and I thought that would be a great addition for our 5th Annual Event!