Mrs Punkin Chunkin Pageant Entry Fee - $50

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Deadline Extended

I really hate extending pageant deadlines, however, several people have emailed because they failed to complete their registration prior to Hurricane Sandy.

Due to the extraordinary storm, I will allow people to enter until this Thursday. Please fill out the online form and email me at I will send you a PayPal invoice (worst case scenario, I will accept cash the day of the pageant).

Some notes, please review all the rules before the pageant. Remember that everyone - contestants included - must pay to enter the Chunk. There is no special parking or free entrance for contestants or their families. Also remember to bring your own seating. The event is held outside in a corn field.

Please everyone stay safe during this storm! My husband and I have no power and it is not a pleasant experience (I can only imagine the hardship on those of you with little children!).