Mrs Punkin Chunkin Pageant Entry Fee - $50

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Update on Numbers

I will start working on the pageant script tomorrow!

Please note - if you have not received a confirmation email from me, then you are not registered for the pageant.  Everyone who registered received an email from me.

1 - Mini Miss (4)
4 - Tiny Miss (5-6)
6 - Little Miss (7-8)
7 - Young Miss (9-10)
7 - Junior Miss (11-13)
5 spots left

5 - Miss Teen (14-17)
3 - Miss (18-25)
3 - Ms. (18+, does not qualify for Miss or Mrs division)
5 - Mrs. (18+ and married)

PLEASE NOTE - the Chunk schedule has the afternoon pageant starting at 12:45PM - so that is when we will start.  The paperwork stated that you should be check-in at 12:30PM.  Since there are fewer of you competing, 15 minutes should be sufficient to check off that everyone has arrived.

I will post the names of all contestants and their order online in the next few days.  This will also help because then everyone will know where they stand in the lineup.

4 Year Old Division - I will accept entries into this division until October 30, 2012.