Mrs Punkin Chunkin Pageant Entry Fee - $50

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Afternoon Pageant Results

Congratulations to everyone that came out and competed!  The competition this year was about as tough as I have ever seen it.  I wish I could give advice and say that there is a formula for this pageant, but with judging being one minute, it is really up to the judges to make a decision with very little time.  Everyone did a terrific job and if you did not win this year, use my motto, try and try again (goodness knows I have done it myself in pageantry!).

The Results:

Contestants: Cecilie Geraghty, Isabella Sponaugle
2nd Runner Up: Elizabeth Carter
1st Runner Up: Alyssa Rivera
Winner: Jenny Scarborough

1st Runner Up: Melissa Shifflett
Winner: Kara Otto

Contestants: Patricia Darcy, Natalie McGee, Jessica Combs
2nd Runner Up: Megan Street
1st Runner Up: Mallory Mest
Winner: Emily Todd

Contestants: Krystal Long, Lindsay Branson, Anita Spangler
3rd Runner Up: Suzanne Farris
2nd Runner Up: Amy Townsend
1st Runner Up: Tiffany Abbondanza
Winner: Renee Fagan

I went through my camera and finally put all the photos on my computer, but I have a long way to go before posting any.  Sorry, but it will be another week before I can post.  Work is busy this week.