Mrs Punkin Chunkin Pageant Entry Fee - $50

Monday, November 5, 2012

RESULTS of the Morning Pageant

Thank you to everyone for taking part in another great year at the Chunk!!

Every person at the Chunk is a volunteer - including Dr. Ellie and I.  It is a wonderful weekend to enjoy as a family and come together as a community to help support worthy Delaware charities.

So, here are the results from the morning pageant:

Mini Miss:
1st Runner up - Hannah Carter
Winner - Taylor Long

Tiny Miss:
Contestants: Setara McGee and Ashley Burnham
1st Runner - Trista Harner
Winner - Lainna Hano

Little Miss:
Contestants: Shelby Combs, Olivia Jones, Lacey Lynn Lafferty
3rd Runner Up - Jullian Zukley
2nd Runner Up - Michaela Jean Spangler
1st Runner Up - Shelby Farris
Winner - Alyssa Carpenter

Young Miss:
Contestants: Antigone Russman, Danielle Carter, and Sophia Moore
3rd Runner Up - Jasmine Long
2nd Runner Up - Caitlyn Townsend
1st Runner Up - Brynne Whelihan
Winner - Jenna Anger

Junior Miss:
Contestants: Karey Olson, Adriana Burnham, Kaitlin Hitchens, Ashley Ettenger
4th Runner Up: Julia Godwin
3rd Runner Up: Micah James
2nd Runner Up: Contessa Rivera
1st Runner Up: Kaiya Hall
Winner: Kayleigh Barnes  

Always remember, different day, different judges!  Results were close and could have easily changed with a different opinion.  This is a yearly event that is truly meant to be light hearted and fun.    

I will be posting photos very soon!!!!

Quick side note: several of the morning pageant contestants came for the afternoon pageant to support their relatives/friends/moms.  Those children that came back, wearing their crowns and sashes (made me so proud!!!) helped with the crowning of all the afternoon contestants.  You parents / guardians raised some AWESOME kids!  Those children that helped out were kind, considerate and very respectful!!!!  Any time any of you need a babysitter, call me.  I would love to hang out with your kids - they were terrific!