Mrs Punkin Chunkin Pageant Entry Fee - $50

Sunday, November 10, 2013

2013 Pageant Results

I am very sorry for the delay in posting the pageant results.

I am not posting the names of all the finalist, however, if there are requests to do so, I will post the information.

Winner: Sophia Lovelace
1st Runner-up: Madeline Johnson

Winner: Marina Eaker
1st Runner-up: Anna Shawley
2nd Runner-up: Reagan Clark
3rd Runner-up: Roni Miller
4th Runner-up: Melanie Dasher

Winner: Gigi Gijanto
1st Runner-up: Aiden Mentry
2nd Runner-up: Angela Bokenko

Winner: Brynne Whelihan
1st Runner-up: Julia Godwin

Winner: Sophia Martinez
1st Runner-up: Ada Dearth
2nd Runner-up: Morgan Barnes

Winner: Corinne Giaimo
1st Runner-up: Emily Cooper

Winner: Kari Moorman
1st Runner-up: Tiana Jameson
2nd Runner-up: Elyse Giaimo

Winner: Megan VanMeter
1st Runner-up: Eileen Wasylak
2nd Runner-up: Nicole Armentrout

Remember to check our other posts for all the photos from our event.  And special thanks to Kim Meehan for all those beautiful photos and to my brother's girlfriend, Alex Emeigh, who loaned me her awesome camera after I left mine at home.

We also greatly appreciate Frank Shade for all his help in organizing this pageant each year!   

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

2013 Pageant Photos

I am sorry for the delay in posting pageant results; I promise that I will get it.  I have some personal  family events that require my time.

Here are photos from this year's pageant:

For download instructions, please email me.

These photos are also viewable to the public on our facebook page (they will load quicker from facebook).  Please remember that if you want to print a photo, please download from the Fotki website as you will be downloading the high resolution version of the photo.

You do not need a facebook account to view our facebook page :-)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pageant no longer accepting contestants

We have 50 contestants this year!  25 contestants in the Tiny Miss, Little Miss, Young Miss, and Junior Miss Divisions (total of 25, not 25 in each division); and 25 contestants in the Teen, Miss, Ms. and Mrs. Divisions.

Ready for another great year at the Chunk.

For the most up to date information, click the link and visit our facebook page.  You do not have to have a facebook account to visit our page!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pageant Script

The information that you provided on the sign up sheet is used to create the pageant script. 

I would love to have the time to email each of you the final script, but I just don't have the time to do it - especially with almost 50 contestants.

Thus, if you are concerned about what will be read about you (or your daughter) during her beauty walk, please email me no later than tomorrow at 1PM and I will provide the script for you / your daughter via email.

Any changes must be requested by 2PM tomorrow.  I have to travel out of town before the Chunk on Sunday, so tomorrow is my last day to finalize and print the pageant scripts as well as sort and pack up crowns, banners, etc.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Waiting List for Afternoon Pageant

If you entered into the afternoon pageant and are not planning on coming to the pageant for any reason, please let me know via email (  There are two contestants that were told that they could not enter because we reached our maximum of 25 contestants.  

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Afternoon Pageant is now closed.

We are no longer accepting contestants for the Teen, Miss, Ms, and Mrs division.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Pageant Updates

Are you getting excited?!?!?!?

Here are the age division contestant number updates:

Tiny Miss = 2
Little Miss = 6
Young Miss = 5
Junior Miss = 3


Teen Miss = 6
Miss = 5
Ms = 5
Mrs = 7


If you have not received an email confirming that you are entered into the pageant, then you are NOT entered into the pageant.  Please email immediately if you paid but did not receive a confirmation of pageant entry email.

There are two spots left in the afternoon pageant!  Enter now before those spots disappear!

Please also check out our facebook page; you do not need to have a facebook account to view our page!

If you had trouble with the online form, please remember to click the side link for the information.  Please read carefully; our pageant presumes if you pay to enter that you read, understand, and accept all the pageant rules and information.  They are posted below on this blog; so please review them to ensure that you have no questions prior to the day of the pageant.
Sorry, the lawyer in me has to speak up every once in awhile ;-)

FORMER WINNERS: We love to have our 2012 Winners to return to crown their successors!  Also, if you were a past winner, please come to the pageant.  We would love to have you introduce yourself on stage during each pageant.  Please feel free to bring your crown and sash too.  We will have an opportunity for every former winner to wear her crown and sash for a photo at the end - we would love to have a super sparkly photo!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hi all, I wanted to let everyone know that I keep track of the paypal account and online registration.  I will check these two accounts and do confirmation emails at least one time per week.

If you enter and it is a few days before you hear from me, please do not worry.  However, if it is longer than a week, please email at


Friday, August 2, 2013

2013 Pageant Rules and Information

TO ENTER - Click the Link on the Sidebar

6th Annual Punkin Chunkin Pageants
Sunday, November 3, 2013
At the World Championship Punkin Chunkin
Bridgeville, DE

Tiny Miss (5-6), Little Miss (7-8), Young Miss (9-10), Junior Miss (11-13)
Check In/Registration: 10:00AM; Pageant: 10:30AM
Entry Fee: $30

Miss Teen (14-17), Miss (18-25), Ms. (18+, does not qualify for Miss or Mrs division),
Mrs. (18+ and married)
Check In/Registration: 12:00 PM; Pageant: 12:30PM
Entry Fee: $30

Entry Deadline: October 30, 2013

For questions, please contact

1)        Please pay fees as follows:
·         Ages 5-13: $30.00 check or paypal to; No Refunds
·         Ages 14-Mrs: $30.00 check or paypal to; No Refunds
·         If paying by check, you need to pay before October 25, 2013 (your check needs to be cashed and cleared before you will be allowed to participate).
2)        Line-Up: The first contestant to enter will go last in her age division; the second contestant to enter will go second to last in her age division and so on.  A contestant is considered “entered” after she submits her online entry form and pays her entry fee.
3)        Deadline to Enter: The deadline to enter the pageant is October 28, 2013. 
a.           We will accept a maximum of 30 contestants for the morning pageant and 25 contestants for the afternoon pageant.  This means that 30 contestants will be accepted for ages 5-13 and another 25 contestants will be accepted for ages 14-Mrs.
b.           Once we have the maximum number of contestants, the pageant will be closed and no further entries will be accepted. 
c.           Please enter early to ensure your spot.  Last year, I had a waiting list of contestants who wanted to enter.
4)        Age Division Rules:
a.           Age division is determined based upon your age on the day of the event. 
b.           Tiny Miss – Miss – must be single, never married, and not have any children
c.           Ms. – must be 18 years or older (may be previously divorced or have children)
d.          Mrs. – must be 18 years or older and currently married (not separated and no divorce pending)
e.           The pageant reserves the right to ask for proof of age and/or marital status at any time.
5)        Gender: Contestants must be a naturally born female. 
6)        Residency: There is no residency requirement.  If you are willing to travel and enjoy Punkin Chunkin, we are happy to have you join in the fun of the pageant!
7)        Character: Contestant should be of good moral character and shall not have been arrested or convicted of a felony and/or a drug or DUI related misdemeanor.  Queens who violate this rule during their year will be removed as queen and agree to forfeit their prizes to the Punkin Chunkin Pageant.
8)        Re-Competing:  No queen shall hold any division title more than one time.  Current queens are not allowed to re-compete in a year when they are giving up their title (ie: a 2011 queen cannot compete at the 2012 pageant).
9)        Competition: Each contestant will compete in a beauty walk and on stage speech. 
a.           Tiny Miss – Junior Miss Speech: Each contestant may use approximately 20 seconds to tell the audience their name, age, and their favorite part of Punkin Chunkin.  You may add more information to any speech, but please ensure that it is 20 seconds or less.
b.           Teen – Mrs Speech: Each contestant may use approximately 30 seconds to tell the audience their name, age, school, something about themselves, and their favorite part of Punkin Chunkin.  You may add more information to any speech, but please ensure that it is 30 seconds or less.
c.           Beauty Walk – contestants should walk from one side of the stage to the other after she completes her speech.  Contestants should stop and pose on the left side, center, and right side of the stage before exiting the stage.  Beauty walk should not take more than 30 seconds.
10)    Makeup:
a.           Contestants who are 10 years old or younger should not wear makeup, except clear lip gloss and mascara.
b.           Contestants who are 11 years old or older should wear age appropriate makeup.
11)    Judging:
a.           1-5 points for poise and personality during speech
b.           1-5 points for poise, grace, and beauty during beauty walk
c.           All judging decisions are final.
12)    Clothing: Please wear weather appropriate clothing that is stylish and cute.  You should not have to change clothes after the pageant to enjoy Punkin Chunkin.  Jeans and a cute jacket with a scarf would make a great competition outfit.  Please remember that the pageant is held outside at the Chunk Stage and it is cold in November!  Clothing is not judged, so please feel free to ensure that you or your child are warm (first) and look cute (second).  If it is an especially cold day, we will remind the judges of this rule.
13)    Prizes: Each contestant will be awarded a tiara, sash, and pin.  Please see our facebook page for photos of this year's tiaras.
a.           Runners-up will receive a larger tiara and a sash.
b.           The winner receives a satin sash and large tiara.
14)    Timing: Each pageant will last approximately one hour.
a.           Please come to the pageant 30 minutes prior to the pageant so that volunteers can assist with getting contestants in line for competition.
b.           Please be prompt!  We are on a tight schedule and cannot guarantee that you will have the opportunity to compete if you come late.
15)    Things to know:
a.           This is a light hearted and FUN event for children through married ladies. 
b.           We want the ladies to feel special, no matter where they rank after the competition.  This is why we reward everyone with a tiara and sash. 
c.           We encourage you to wear your tiara and sash while you enjoy the rest of your day at Punkin Chunkin!!
d.          Punkin Chunkin can be hard to find.  It also takes time to park, pay for your entry into the event, and walk to the stage.  Please plan to arrive at Punkin Chunkin at least one hour (or more) prior to the pageant time.
e.           You must pay to enter the Chunk.  Neither pageant contestants nor their family members receive free entry into the Chunk.
f.            Bring your own seating.  The pageant is held on the Chunk stage, which is outside in a corn field. 
g.           Our primary goals are to have fun, increase the number of people that attend the Chunk, and fundraise for Chunk charities. 
h.          501C3 Status: The Punkin Chunkin Pageant is held in conjunction with the Punkin Chunkin festival event in Bridgeville, DE.  As we are associated with a 501C3, we are prohibited from earning ANY profit.  If there is any profit from the pageant, by law, it is given to the Punkin Chunkin Association.  Every person involved with the pageant is a volunteer and no person earns income of any kind.
16)    For directions to the Punkin Chunkin, see                                

By entering the pageant, you and/or the contestant release the organizers and participants of this pageant and the World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association (and all those associated with their organization) of any liability related to injury occurring to, during, and from the pageant.